Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign Launches!

Sponsor a Keepod Kid

Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign

It is with great honor to announce the partnership of Keepod, Bitcoin, Mintcoin, XCurrency, Viacoin and W2Coin in joint efforts hosted by Mintcoin Fund to raise $5275 which will be used to bring computer access to 500 students while educating the public on what crypto currency is and how it is used.

Keepod.org (recently featured on BBC News) offers a technology which allows people to have their own personal computer settings stored in a small device which they can take and use anywhere in the world there is a computer with internet access.

With this program we will not only be sponsoring the keepod devices, but we will sponsor volunteers to refurbish and donate older computers, community training for continual support with the device, optimization of all computers to ensure a pleasant experience and online safety for the children.

Our goal is to sponsor 500 kids!

The cost to sponsor one child is just $10.55

Learn More & Donate Now!

How it Works:

By joining community efforts in this campaign Mintcoin will have the opportunity to work with other developers sharing the common  goal of increasing the awareness of crypto currencies and how they are used for thousands of people who have never heard of crypto currency before.

Each crypto community has selected a donation address for their team and is being supplied with marketing materials to assist in their communities promotion of the campaign. At the end of each week they will be responsible for changing donations into Bitcoin and submitting their communities donations to the Mintcoin Fund Moolah Storefront.

Once we receive each communities donations we will be issuing a press release announcing donations and contributions to the campaign. 

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in donating articles, press releases or social assets to this cause please join our team here.  All communities welcome to participate!

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