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    We currently have a 6 month contract available with a 10,000,000 Mintcoin Bounty (monthly)
    The pay scale looks something like this:

    Mint @ 4 Sat ~ 0.4 BTC
    Mint @ 5 Sat ~ 0.5 BTC
    Mint @ 6 Sat ~ 0.6 BTC
    Mint @ 7 Sat ~ 0.7 BTC
    Mint @ 8 Sat ~ 0.8 BTC
    Mint @ 9 Sat ~ 0.9 BTC
    Mint @ 10 Sat ~ 1 BTC
    Mint @ 11 Sat ~ 1.1 BTC
    Mint @ 12 Sat ~ 1.2 BTC
    Mint @ 13 Sat ~ 1.3 BTC
    Mint @ 14 Sat ~ 1.4 BTC

    Currently we are seeking a developer who is interested in assisting the Mintcoin team in developing a easy to use financial system with user friendly access to tools such as professional financial business reporting and easy to use advanced options that any business can currently find within their online banking website / quickbooks application.

    Current To-Do List:
    • Improve the load-time of wallets
    • Option to filter out unconfirmed minted coins
    • Enhanced financial reporting for business needs
    • Easy to use multi-signature options for fundraising transparency
    • UI Enhancements for easy archiving of addresses no-longer needed
    • UI Enhancements to support usability software for people with visual difficulties
    • Exchange API integration for Mintcoin market value
    • Multi-Currency integration for ease of portfolio value tracking
    • Integrate Shapeshift API for easy sending via recurring transactions as well as standard transactions
    • UI Integration between desktop and mobile wallet
    • Technical evaluation of current wallet with best practice recommendations
    • Maintain the latest bitcoin core
    • Continue to collaborate in bringing transparency options for businesses running on Mintcoin
    • Build custom Mintcoin wallets for upcoming guardianship program
    • Assist and Advise in integrating Mintcoin on new technologies
    • Multi-Wallet control options
    We want to be able to put a number on the true value of saving your mintcoins as well as offer a real alternative to organizational needs.

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