Mintcoin Press Release: August 13th 2014 Revisions

Our team has come together to put together a revised homepage and site navigation for Featured in this update we have converted the backend template with an upgraded more accessible version and decreased the amount of noise on the homepage. We have taken this opportunity to feature a few core changes within the community takeover of Mintcoin including transparency, community supported development and our learning center which is dedicated to education of Mintcoin and crypto currencies alike.

Website Homepage Update


Bitcoin Talk Announcement Revisions

The Bitcoin Talk announcement page has been completely revised with up to date information regarding Mintcoin. We have also included a few new features in hopes of gaining additional network support including a client configuration sample, and instructions on how to create a dedicated node for Mintcoin.

Bitcoin Talk Announcement Update

Google Adwords Campaign

Our Google Adwords has kicked off with an initial budget of $10 per day. We are targeting publications which feature news regarding Bitcoin and are promoting Mintcoin as an alternative. If you would like to support this initiative please consider sending Mintcoins to MgBfpAdp9TLrYbXCJDHvskJoWqGNbvSZ4S

We are gearing up to launch Stay tuned for the official Mintcoin Merchant directory.

Android Wallet

This is still on-target for a soft launch of August 18th. If you are interested in beta-testing please contact [email protected]

Mint: MdPQhsGufjm5AXYkHebbnF2A155xDqVfK7

Desktop Wallet Upgrade

Finally we are gearing up to launch our new desktop wallet. The initiatives of this upgrade was to increase the usage of coin control features, keep our community up to date with upcoming and current project and integrate business expense collection, mintcoin fund projects & merchant support into the wallet.

Mint: MgNKk73sP6q2XgT3beU7WV9SKppVGTGa2w

Mint: MdPQhsGufjm5AXYkHebbnF2A155xDqVfK7

The Overview Page:
Now features a list of most recent news releases as well as current projects our team is working on.

Mintcoin News & Development Updates

Send Coins Feature:
The send coins feature now includes a From drop-down displaying your addresses and balances for each address. This will assist new wallet users in keeping their address balances separate and should encourage the overall use of coin control features.

Easy to Use From Address with Balance

Receive Coins:

This tab has been updated with a balance for each address

Address Balances Listed

Shop / Donate :

This is a new tab which features Mintcoin community project donation options as well as featuring Mintcoin Merchants through our new (coming soon)

Future Upgrades:

We are working on a valid wallet signature, increasing the speed of opening your wallet and significantly increasing the initial download of the blockchain. If you are interested in downloading the blockchain for a new install Crestington from Bitcoin Talk has offered a download option here:!8x8zwZgS!TSg2kis3nLWx12_SsDFnbjQA-zDoOfhdkC09i3ks12g

What would you like to see worked on next?


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