Mintcoin Podcast December 23rd – Happy Holidays

 **Version 1.14 Mandatory Update**

1.Mintcoin switched to 15% PoS ahead of schedule causing the wallet to freeze

2.RoboGuy Delivered a new working wallet to the community

3.All Community Members and Exchanges were immediately notified

Community Heros:
RoboGuy3 & Rent_a_Ray

Mintcoin Bootstap File Updated

Is Working!

Enjoy – we will start updating regularly after the holidays! Website Overhaul

We found a professional designer who is willing to work with our team on the new website overhaul for $10 per hour – So far the community has contributed approximately $60 – 6 Hours worth of work.

Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Currently we have received 6,000,000 Mintcoins towards this cause.

Help Support this Project

Donation Address:

Current Tasks
Research Mintcoin Web Presence and history, collect feedback from community and create 3 wireframes to the community for review.

Fair well David Latapie..

I am sad to say that David Latapie will no longer be supporting Mintcoin Fund

During the last Community hangout David Latipie announced that he does not wish to be apart of the Mintcoin Fund any longer.

We wish him the best on his ventures and as a community will continue the spirit of Mintcoin Fund through working with charitable causes.

Mintcoin Active Contributors

The Mintcoin Team currently has a group of volunteers including the following core members:

CryptoMommy (that’s me)
Matt Costanza

We welcome volunteers and are actively seeking volunteers for brand ambassadors, graphics design, and writing.

We have weekly google hangouts and plenty of projects to choose from.

If interested in joining our team please email [email protected]