Mintcoin Newsletter: A Week in Review August 5th 2014

Good Morning Fellow Minters!

Over the last few weeks our team has been busy recruiting new talents, taking feedback from the communities and developing marketing strategies to help the community promote Mintcoin as a real world solution for donations, payments and investment opportunities. Here is a quick recap on our efforts:

Mintcoin Survey

The Mintcoin conducted a Survey discussing the core Mintcoin Proof of Stake rewards rewarded to owners who save their Mintcoins for 20 days or more in their wallets. Through this study we found that an overwhelming majority of our community loves Mintcoin just the way it is.

Mintcoin PoS Survey


Mintcoin Learning Center

We are pleased to announce our new initiative of enhancing educational resources throughout the MintcoinOfficial website.

Included in this initiative we are developing how-to guides as well as informational resources to assist the Mintcoin community in getting started, maintaining and growing wordwide acceptance of Mintcoin as a trusted currency.

This month’s featured content includes:

Mintcoin Development Projects

Our development team is busy getting organized and working hard at taking your suggestions and researching strategies for implementation. Here is what we have completed over the last week

 Mintcoin Partnerships

We are pleased to announce that we have several new upcoming Partnerships for the Mintcoin community.

Interested in joining the official Mintcoin team?

We still have several openings for volunteer support. If you are interested in joining our team and able to contribute a consistent amount of time please let us know.



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