Mintcoin Community Podcast December 11th 2014 Website Overhaul

We are currently collecting contributions towards the new development. This site will be outsourced by a third party which will be paid in BTC.

Donation Address:

Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Currently we have received 6,000,000 Mintcoins towards this cause. Website Overhaul

We are currently accepting bids for a website overhaul for

Our first bid has been placed by BlockChain Factory and we are a currently awaiting on their portfolio to distribute to the community.

If you would like to place a bid for this project please visit our Trello Board:


NHZ Sphere Asset Invests in Mintcoin!

NHZ Sphere is currently investing in Mintcoin as one of the holder assets.

This asset is designed to assist investors in growing their crypto portfolio with residual dividends paid out on the portfolio growth.

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