Mintcoin Blockchain Upload Guide for MegaUpload

Yes I made a guide a little while ago on what to do to quickly sync a Blockchain and might be worth looking into a bit further because it would cut that 3 day Sync time down to about 1 hour. I would like to state that I have had no problems with it but it doesn’t mean that there may not be. It is a good idea to only receive files from people you trust and store your keys securely.

Here is the guide I had made for it a couple months ago.

How to quickly sync your wallet with a QT client

Step 1

Download the most up to date Client, and latest copy of the Blockchain and Colossuscoin.conf file

Windows Client 1.5.2

ColossuscoinJuly27th.rar (Including Conf file)

Step 2

Go to your Download folder in your computer, right click on Col 1.5.2.rar and extract the files to a folder in which you can find.

Step 3

Open your ColossusCoin-qt.exe file for the first time, wait until it opens and then close the client, this will automatically create your roaming files for you. (Ignore this step if you already have had a client but wish to update or sync quicker).

Step 4

Go to your Colossuscoin folder which is found in User/Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin and delete everything in the folder except your wallet.dat Your wallet.dat contains your private keys, if you delete that you will permanently lose your coins so please make a backup of it before deleting anything.

Step 5

Go back to the folder in where you downloaded the files in Step 1, right click on the Blockchain file and extract the files to your Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin folder. Right click on Colossuscoin.conf file, copy it and paste it into the Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin folder as well. Your Colossuscoin Folder should now contain all the files you need.

Step 6

Open your ColossusCoin-qt.exe client and let your client fully sync. If you have coins available to Stake, they will Stake once your client is fully Synced and you can leave it open until they are fully confirmed (which is 70 confirmations on the network)

Step 7 *optional*

If you would like to check your wallet for coins that may not be showing up in your wallet, click on “Help”, “Debug Window” and click on the Console tab.

Type Checkwallet to check for any coins that may be missing and should say “wallet check passed” : true

If it returns “Mismatched Coins” Type Repairwallet and it will fix your balance.

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