August Mintcoin Marketing Reports

When you donate your time and energy into a project it’s important to have a transparent view on how your efforts are contributing to the communities overall growth. The more the community contributes towards Mintcoin whether in financial, development or promotion of the coin the higher the overall value of Mintcoin will grow.

The reports below have been hand selected to demonstrate to our community members that this community is growing and becoming stronger by the day. We will be updating and reviewing this report every month with the community and look forward to your future involvement.

Best Wishes!

The Mintcoin Team

August 2014 Marketing Reports

A special thanks to Roy Martin for sponsoring a Mintcoin give away on facebook bringing in several new community members. This month our visitors settled down after our announcements of former developer handing Mintcoin over to the community; however maintained an uptrend from June.

July 2014 Marketing Reports

This report will be updated to include the full month August 1st

June 2014 Marketing Reports

June is the first month Mintcoin started tracking analytics. Please note this is partial data and does not reflect the entire month.

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