Let’s Talk about New York’s Bit License for a Minute

I have had several people reach out to me in the New York Bit Licenses proposal discussing the importance of addressing this and vocalizing our concerns on the subject matter so here I go.

One of my first courses in computer science was an introductory to the history of the internet.

One of the things that made the internet such a success is the governments decision to allow the internet to grow with minimal regulations on taxation while they had an opportunity to sit back and watch the internet take on its own life and develop into what it is today.

Sure in the beginning there were many “shady” happenings online but our community adapted. We implemented spam control, safe internet training materials, anti-virus, security measurements and worked together as a community to grow the internet to what it is today.

Now here we are as history repeats itself with another new technology called crypto currency and New York legislation is trying to implement regulations that will most definitely hinder New York’s participation in our growing community.

I believe it is the entire crypto communities duty to stand up and voice our concerns as one singular voice against this throughout social networks.

We need our voices to be heard loud and clear on this matter.

So I ask you. My fellow community members to make sure to interact, like, share and discuss the Bit license proposal at every given opportunity. Write, post. whatever you can do.


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