Campaign Team Members Needed! Crypto Charity Campaign

Mintcoin is currently looking for a few crypto communities to work together to fund a project which will recycle old computers and bring internet access to 500 children who would not otherwise have these opportunities.

We believe that this initiative will help us bring positive attention to crypto currencies in general while contributing to something that will change these children’s lives. The total amount needed for donations will be $5,275.

We have chosen to open communications to PinkCoin, Viacoin and XCurrency communities for a partnership in this campaign.

If the communities agree we would like to work with you on the following initiatives (all of which are co-branded with contributing communities)

Keepod will assist our efforts by promoting our marketing materials across their channels as well as updating their website with our short donation message.

At the end of the campaign we will need to transfer all of the funds into a paypal payment.

The planned implementation date is February of 2015 (which happens to be Mintcoin’s Birthday)

We will be kicking off the campaign September 1st 2014

If your community is interested in participating please let me know as soon as possible so we can include you in the new Trello Project for this campaign.

The objective is to combine our developers, marketers and communities to ensure we meet these goals while educating the general public on crypto currency.

Campaign Objective:

This project will give children the opportunity to use a computer, providing them with basic computer skills and, by the time they became 12 years of age, learn about being safe while on the internet and to use it as a fun and effective tool. To reach these goals, enough computers for all children were required and for this a system was needed that would achieve with little maintenance. Learn More

This includes:

  • 500 Keepod Devices
  • 20 Keepod Ready Computers
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Internet
  • Train the trainers
  • Community involvement
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