July 19, 2015 Mintcoin Community Podcast

Hard Fork August 1st 2015

Mandatory Upgrade required

~ Security Upgrades Provided by PressTab~

The hashdrift (timestamp search interval) is being reduced to 15 seconds.
The timedrift is being reduced to 30 seconds.

~ User Interface & Integrity Upgrades Provided by SupaSonic~

“On first run it will ask to import or create new wallet. It will also ask when ever wallet.dat is not in the mintcoin directory.

I wanted to add a menu option to import at anytime but ran into some issue with the current wallet implementation.

With this build complete, I am starting to bring the wallet and DB closer to the latest bitcoin and peercoin code. This will make the sync dramatically quicker.

I’m also looking into the orphan situation the forum is discussing. No ideas there yet but looking a few other coin implementation it should come up in the research”


1 Million Mintcoin Bounties

1.Android Wallet Troubleshooting

2.Exchange Integration with Desktop Wallet

3.Increase Speed on Load time for Desktop Wallet – SupaSonic

4.Increase Mintcoin wallet security– SupaSonic

5.Create custom Mintcoin social icons including:

1.Twitter Banner, profile image 200,000

2.Reddit channel banner and logo – TestingCrypto

3.Facebook profile picture and banner 200,000

4.Linkedin profile picture and banner 200,000

5.Google+ profile picture and banner 200,000

6.Rescan Wallet, Reload Blockchain, and Import Wallet Options
– SupaSonic

7.Create a video background layout for our future community podcasts


The Guardianship Program

Support Mintcoin Developments –


Introducing SupaSonic
Our Minty Fresh New Dev

“I have been an avid fan of POW coins like BTC and Dash for years and read a lot of POS forum “debates” and finally want to get started. I found mint by donating to my favorite linux disrto – mint of course – and started to stake a few days ago. The people I have come across reading about Mintcoin are a bit more sane than a few other coins I’ve been researching.

I saw how easy it was for me to use Shapeshift to get started with Mintcoin. After reading the API I wondered if anyone working integrating it into the wallet software. I’m a C/Java based developer with a some experience making android tablet apps for small businesses in my area. I feel that the Mintcoin community is small and intimate so contributing here seems right for me. Another toying around in my mind was using bluetooth on the android client similar to airbitz using some of the open APIs they have. Mixing C and Java has been fun projects.

Just thoughts, I like the community’s vibe and would like to contribute to a better experience for all users. I actually just cloned the git and am going to get very intimate with bitcoinJ tonight.”

Current Workload

SupaSonic’s minty fresh list of wallet upgrades

  • Price chart on main tab.
  • Started testing initial shapeshift API,
  • Checking out a bug that shows the from label in transaction as unknown.
  • Adding an Export/Backup Wallet feature
  • Upgrade notification

Network Transparency

Better Financial Insights

Blockchain Technologies & Mintcoin

Promotional Partnership

After reviewing multiple requests for a hard wallet alternative I was able to locate a new upcoming technology which has agreed to feature Mintcoin throughout their marketing efforts as well as provide a custom Mintcoin GUI option for our community.


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