January 2015 Mintcoin Community Podcast

Mintcoin Android WalletAndroid Wallet Development

We are back on track with the android wallet development. RoboGuy has begun developing an android application using the newest bitcoin wallet core as the base. This wallet will not be minting; however will offer the availability to take your mint with you on the go. If you are looking for a simplest way of trading bitcoin, the bitcoin era official site 2020 will guide you


We are in the process of migrating Mintcoin.cc over to its new home MintcoinOfficial.com.

New Additions:

  • Daily Updated Bootstrap file download
  • Mintcoin Support Forum

Mintcoin Support

Explorer Upgrade

The Mintcoin Explorer has been upgraded for faster results.


We are seeking someone who is willing to submit an html template for this page.

If Interested:

Please provide your Mintcoin address and submit to the forum via a google docs link.