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Mintcoin Podcast December 23rd – Happy Holidays

 **Version 1.14 Mandatory Update** 1.Mintcoin switched to 15% PoS ahead of schedule causing the wallet to freeze 2.RoboGuy Delivered a new working wallet to the community 3.All Community Members and Exchanges were immediately notified Community Heros: RoboGuy3 & Rent_a_Ray Mintcoin Bootstap File Updated Is Working! Enjoy – we will start updating regularly after the holidays! […]

Mintcoin Community Podcast December 11th 2014

Mintcoin.cc Website Overhaul We are currently collecting contributions towards the new Mintcoin.cc development. This site will be outsourced by a third party which will be paid in BTC. Donation Address: MgNdnqhY6LtP5m6L25oVzExgTZ1bGk3iGP Contributions are greatly appreciated. Currently we have received 6,000,000 Mintcoins towards this cause. Mintcoin.cc Website Overhaul We are currently accepting bids for a […]

Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign Launches!

Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign It is with great honor to announce the partnership of Keepod, Bitcoin, Mintcoin, XCurrency, Viacoin and W2Coin in joint efforts hosted by Mintcoin Fund to raise $5275 which will be used to bring computer access to 500 students while educating the public on what crypto currency is and how it […]

MintCoin Logo Contest! Win 1,000,000 Mintcoins

Greetings & Salutations my fellow Minters! I am pleased to announce the official MintCoin Logo contest. We are currently seeking a high resolution logo for our marketing and branding efforts. We would like to maintain the same color scheme as the old logo; however a slightly updated version. Contest Rules This logo is for Mintcoin.cc All […]

Mintcoin Press Release August 23rd

Greetings & Salutations my fellow Minters! This week has been a big one for our team. Lets take a look at what the Mintcoin Development team has been working on: MintShops.com Launch We are pleased to officially announce of Mintshops.com Our team is currently working through all online resources related to Mintcoin and adding them […]

Keepod.org Campaign Team Members Needed!

Keepod.org Crypto Charity Campaign Mintcoin is currently looking for a few crypto communities to work together to fund a Keepod.org project which will recycle old computers and bring internet access to 500 children who would not otherwise have these opportunities. We believe that this initiative will help us bring positive attention to crypto currencies in […]

6 Month Mintcoin Milestones & Scheduling

The following 6 month development schedule is open for community discussion.   September Android Application Launch Keepod Campaign Kickoff Google Adwords Campaign Learning Center Documentation Website Overhaul Desktop Wallet Upgrade Increase wallet speed Integrate QR Codes Google Drive Backup Mint for Cash Announcement MintShops.com Launch Community Owned Mintcoin Explorer Launch Mintcoin Fund Official Non-Profit Registration Announcement October […]

Mintcoin Press Release: August 13th 2014

MintcoinOfficial.com Revisions Our team has come together to put together a revised homepage and site navigation for MintcoinOfficial.com. Featured in this update we have converted the backend template with an upgraded more accessible version and decreased the amount of noise on the homepage. We have taken this opportunity to feature a few core changes within […]

How to setup a dedicated Mintcoin node

What are Mintcoin nodes? Mintcoin consists of a Peer 2 Peer network, where each client downloads portions of the blockchain from other nodes. If you have some spare bandwidth, setting up a dedicated node running 7/24 would speed up initial blockchain sync time of new users, promoting a healthy network for the whole community. How […]