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Mintcoin Installation Instructions

Go to http://www.mintcoinofficial.com Under Download Wallet – Choose your preferred document system and download the latest wallet to your machine Under Download Wallet – Click Download Bootstrap.dat Extract the Mintcoin Wallet from the zipped file Start Your Wallet Once the wallet has fully opened close the wallet Extract the BootStap zipped file and copy all […]

July 19, 2015 Mintcoin Community Podcast

Hard Fork August 1st 2015 Mandatory Upgrade required ~ Security Upgrades Provided by PressTab~ The hashdrift (timestamp search interval) is being reduced to 15 seconds. The timedrift is being reduced to 30 seconds. ~ User Interface & Integrity Upgrades Provided by SupaSonic~ “On first run it will ask to import https://www.mintcoinofficial.com/files/author/or create new wallet. it […]

Mintcoin Community Podcast March 16 2015

Development Updates Desktop Wallet Upgrades New desktop wallet is available for download. Modified total minted ever to only include validated transactions. Fixed Mintcoin.cc references. Android Wallet Upgrades New Android Wallet has been released for beta-testing. Be sure to report any issues with the wallet so we may continue improving! Development Needed We are still seeking […]

Mintcoin: Year 1 Minting Statistics

  The following stats are based on the most current information as of March 9, 2015: Total coins in existence currently 20.79 billion Total coins minted in the last year (365 days) 2.18 billion Current minting block reward rate is 15% annually 210,881,430 coins have been minted in the last 31 days This is an […]

Mintcoin Android Wallet Release & Desktop v1.15 Upgrade

Community Podcast Project Updates & Community News Today is February 19th 2015 Mintcoin Team Leaders: RoboGuy, Ursey & CryptoMommy   Desktop Release Available New checkpoints added QR Code Completed for Mobile Integration New “Total Mintcoins Minted” feature Merchant Tipping: Make sure to Generate QR Codes and replace addresses on your sites!   Android App Beta-Release! […]

Oh How do I love thy Minty….

Let me count the ways. I love your fresh alternative to minting coins rather then costly mining I love the speed you offer in sending / receiving transactions I love the way you continue to shine through in technology I love the way your community is always there to answer my minty questions And most […]

Mintcoin Community Podcast February 08 2015

Happy Birthday Mintcoin! 1 Million Mintcoins being given away across social networks 2015 Roadmap Released Several New Digital assets released Financial Update Mintcoin actual increase in money supply is averaging at 9.79% while people who keep a Mintcoin wallet are currently earning 15% ~CoolBeans MintcoinOfficial.com Now available worldwide DNS conflicts resolved Wallet Error Resolved WARNING: Checkpoint […]

January 2015 Mintcoin Community Podcast

Android Wallet Development We are back on track with the android wallet development. RoboGuy has begun developing an android application using the newest bitcoin wallet core as the base. This wallet will not be minting; however will offer the availability to take your mint with you on the go.   MintcoinOfficial.com We are in the […]