Mintcoin Community Podcast March 16 2015

Development Updates

Desktop Wallet Upgrades

New desktop wallet is available for download. Modified total minted ever to only include validated transactions. Fixed references.

Android Wallet Upgrades

New Android Wallet has been released for beta-testing. Be sure to report any issues with the wallet so we may continue improving!

Development Needed

We are still seeking developmental support for a block explorer redesign and social tippings apps. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Financial News

CoolBeans puts together another spectacular financial update for the Mintcoin Community. Read Details

Branding Support

Help Us update the crypto network with updated information. Let us know if you find a company with old information so we may contact them with updated information!

Merchant Support integrates Mintcoin

  • Instantly exchange Mintcoin with Bitcoin
  • Only transaction fees are the miner fees for transactions
  • API Available.

CouponMeUp integrates Mintcoin

  • Signup for email alerts whenever a coupon is available for the targeted keyword / store
  • Receive Mintcoin tips for posting quality coupons!

MintShops Free Listings

  • Upgraded categorization
  • Free service for merchants accepting Mintcoin

Join Us!

Our Community Needs You!
Moderators Needed for:

  • Mintcoin Official Moderators
  • Mintcoin Facebook Group
  • Google+ Community




Mintcoin: Year 1 Minting Statistics


The following stats are based on the most current information as of March 9, 2015:

  • Total coins in existence currently 20.79 billion
  • Total coins minted in the last year (365 days) 2.18 billion
  • Current minting block reward rate is 15% annually
  • 210,881,430 coins have been minted in the last 31 days
  • This is an average of 6,802,627 new coins per day being minted currently
  • This means that the minting participation rate is currently at 80.43%
  • This would result in an annual increase in the money supply of 12.06% currently
  • But based on last year, we know the timing until the reward reduction was about 287 days, (not a full year)
  • Based on this, we have about 7 more months until next block reduction – rate change to 10% annually (October 9th estimate)
  • This means we are currently now 27% complete with the 15% annual rate reward phase, which started around December 21, 2014
  • After October 9th, 2015: Assuming a similar minting participation rate, this will drop the increase in the money supply to an annual rate of about 8%
  • This will be a decrease of 33.33%
  • And in approximately 16 and a half months, (July 2016 estimate) we will see the rate change to 5% annually
  • After July 2016: Assuming a similar minting participation rate, this will drop the increase in the money supply to annual rate of about 4%
  • This will be a decrease of 50.00%
  • Keep in mind, minters also get an additional transaction fees bonus!