Mintcoin Pre-mine used for the Growth of the Community!

What is  a Pre-Mine?

A pre-mine refers to a number of coins for any crypto currency that are generated before or immediately upon release of a coin. The presence of a large number of coins generated in this manner can make investors understandably nervous, since in some cases it can be used by the developers to dump and gain profit once the coin starts to take off.

As a response to these fears, the Mintcoin community has gathered together to clarify the amount of the Mintcoin pre-mine, what its purpose is, who controls it, and also to ensure users that it has not already been dumped.

How much was the Mintcoin pre-mine?

The Mintcoin pre-mine totals 700,000,000 coins, which was generated upon launch of the coin on February 6th expected to be reached in 30-40 years. At the current level of circulating coins, this amount accounts for approximately 3% of the total.

What has the pre-mine be used for?

The majority of the pre-mine has been used for long term projects by the Mintcoin Fund (see below), such as the Thunderclap Redwood reforestation project. A certain amount has also been used for bounties to develop Mintcoin and giveaways during the initial start-up period.

To date, the following amounts have been spent:

Mintcoin Giveaways

  • Facebook/Twitter etc. ~1,400,000 (estimated)

Mintcoin Bounties

  • Android wallet 5,000,000
  • PoS coin minting feature 3,500,000
  • Battery management feature 1,500,000

Long Term Projects

  • Thunderclap project 10,000,000
  • Initial Funding and set up for Mintcoin Fund 5,000,000
  • Green Sahara project 50,000,000
  • Non-environmental projects 35,000,000

Continual Maintenance

  • Website Hosting & Maintenance for  & 5,000,000

What will the remainder of the pre-mine be used for?

The remainder of the pre-mine is under the control of the core development team. Some of the pre-mine is intended for bounties, development, support and maintenance, and new feature developments. Much of this includes rewards for community-driven initiatives. Most recently these have included undisclosed bounties for reviving the Reddit mint tip bot. The development team have also stated that awards will be given for pull requests for developing the Mintcoin code and amounts are made available for use by the extended development team as part of the Mintcoin Fund.

The majority of the remaining pre-mine is being kept secret for now and has been spread across several wallets. The core dev team state that it is to be used primarily for long term projects. So far, these have only been hinted at publicly and the development team feel that it is necessary to keep these undisclosed to those outside of the core and extended teams.

What is the Mintcoin Fund?

This is the world’s first legally registered Non-governmental organization (NGO) relating to crypto currency. The foundation is governed by a board of between three and ten directors and its aim is to promote Mintcoin and its underlying goal of reducing humanity’s environmental footprint.

Directors of the foundation are members of the extended development team; the core devs do not form part of the board. The principles and governance of the Mintcoin Fund has been laid out in a set of bylaws. It is currently going through the final stages of registration under the guidance of David Latapie who has extensive experience in setting up and managing NGOs under the French legal system.

It is the hope of the Mintcoin community that the foundation will go on to create and support environmental projects around the world.

Where is the pre-mine currently stored?

The initial pre-mine wallet was stored at MpkWtkFfAUgSumHeTRP1XAW2bGMJQYQ6Ud


It has since been spread over several wallets, the largest of which is MqVUub5WagCPXrgC1ARFFKfzxbNFBebnjm which contains over 200,000,000 coins.

Further information:

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Mintcoin Wallet Upgrade from v Faster Start-up!

Mintcoin developers are hard at work responding to the communities request to make Mintcoin “faster”.

The community has spoken and the developer has responded with a new Mintcoin Wallet featuring the new Fast Start feature.

This feature has been integrated into the wallet to speed up the initial process of opening the wallet. In previous versions of the Mintcoin Wallet opening the wallet could take up to several minutes while decreasing the overall computers processing capabilities.

With this 1.10 Once the wallet has been upgraded you will be able to instantly open the Mintcoin wallet within seconds.

We believe that this will significantly increase the usage of the Mintcoin wallet.

To download the new wallet please visit here:

Important Setup Instructions!

Please note if you currently have a previous version installed on your computer there are a few extra steps that you will need to take.

  • Step 1: Back up your wallet.dat
  • Step 2: Click on the windows start icon and enter %appdata%  into the search bar at the bottom of the startup window options. Click on the Roaming > MintCoin folder
  • Step 3: Change the name of wallet.dat to walletbackup.dat
  • Step 4: Delete blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat
  • Step 5: Download and install the new wallet
  • Step 6: Replace the wallet.dat with your backup wallet
  • Step 7: Reload the wallet
  • Step 8: Once the wallet is re synced your coins should reappear.

Additional Enhancement:

This upgrade requires re downloading the entire blockchain upon the first time you open the new wallet. This may take up to several hours. Once the upgrade has been complete you will be able to open and close your Mintcoin wallet within seconds.

Additional Upgrades Included:

In addition to the FastStart upgrade the developer has also fixed the Minting Only Option within the wallet.

 Wallet Feedback Needed!

What do you feel the next wallet upgrade should include?  Let Us Know on Reddit!