Introducing the Mintcoin Guardianship Program

Mintcoin is a community owned and operated crypto currency which relies on the on people who share a common goal to stand together and donate their time and energy to shape the community we have today. The Mintcoin guardianship program is a program which the community donates towards one specific transparent address and the funds are released to guardians to keep our code up and continually enhancing the the networks abilities.

Recently Achieved Goals:

  • Mintcoin Wallet Security Upgrades
  • Mac Wallet Compression
  • Mintcoin Wallet User Interface Modifications
  • Mintcoin Twitter Tippng App
  • Wisconsin Non-Profit Registration for Mintcoin Fund
  • Mintcoin Community Hosting
  • Bitcoin Talk Announcement Updates

Mintcoin Guardianship Wall of Fame

The following community members have earned a listing on the Mintcoin Guaridan Wall of Fame through their hard work, professionalism and dedication towards the projects which they continual to assist Mintcoin in throughout the years.

Interested in system-level design and programming especially on unix derivatives. Believer in free software. Working professionally as a computer engineer. Has 15+ years of development and design experience, mostly dedicated to complex web systems, server side 7/24 running software projects, and embedded devices.





David Latapie
David Latapie is a French publisher, transhumanist and crypto enthusiast who worked on various cryptocurrencies, and focuses on the societal changes brought by cryptos and the blockchain technology. He lives in Paris and is the founder of the forthcoming Mintcoin Fund.

Jessica Hartman
Offers over 16 years of experience in online marketing, branding, public relations, search engine optimization, project management, graphics design, analytics, web programming and business development. As a crypto currency enthusiast it is of great pleasure to donate my time and experience to the Mintcoin community and assist in leading the way into many years of mainstream adaptation.

William Harper
I’m a screenwriter living on a self-sufficient property, so cryptos are an interest that has developed out of this idea of being independent from banks and governments, that’s why I’m happy to advocate for cryptos I like such as Mintcoin, happy to be part of the team!

Martin Roy
Martin Roy donates his time and efforts to managing the official Mintcoin Group administering Mintcoin Tips for new Mintcoin community members.

Roboguy has over 25 years of design, engineering and software development experience. He is interested in developing technologies that are uniquely suited to cryptocurrency. He has created a spam filter for Thunderbird, that requires unknown senders to send cryptocoins to reach your inbox ( He is currently working on interface changes to the Mintcoin wallet.

Testing Crypto




Interested in Supporting Our Guardianship Program?



Team Members Needed

  • We are seeking additional volunteers for our social campaigns for the following channels: IRC, Reddit, Google+ and
  • If you would like to join any of our teams you are welcome! The more members we have the more tasks we are able to complete.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact [email protected]

August Mintcoin Marketing Reports

When you donate your time and energy into a project it’s important to have a transparent view on how your efforts are contributing to the communities overall growth. The more the community contributes towards Mintcoin whether in financial, development or promotion of the coin the higher the overall value of Mintcoin will grow.

The reports below have been hand selected to demonstrate to our community members that this community is growing and becoming stronger by the day. We will be updating and reviewing this report every month with the community and look forward to your future involvement.

Best Wishes!

The Mintcoin Team

August 2014 Marketing Reports

A special thanks to Roy Martin for sponsoring a Mintcoin give away on facebook bringing in several new community members. This month our visitors settled down after our announcements of former developer handing Mintcoin over to the community; however maintained an uptrend from June.

July 2014 Marketing Reports

This report will be updated to include the full month August 1st

June 2014 Marketing Reports

June is the first month Mintcoin started tracking analytics. Please note this is partial data and does not reflect the entire month.

Mintcoin News Letter – July 2014

Hello Minters!

Welcome to the first edition of the monthly Mintcoin News Letter! We have a lot to cover in this one, so we’ll jump right in.

Mintcoin Developer Departs

I’ll start with the biggest development in the past month (and in all of Mintcoin history); the developer has left Mintcoin and turned over all assets to the community. Jessica Hartman — a.k.a. CryptoMommy — is now the new head of Mintcoin development. You can read the entire press release here:

Mintcoin Bounty: Upgrade Wallet with Transactions by Address Functionality

CryptoMommy has set a bounty for adding transaction by address functionality to the Mintcoin wallet. If you want to find out more, you can read the full press release here:

Draft of Mintcoin Business Strategy

CryptoMommy has also composed a draft of the Mintcoin business strategy. We would love to hear your thoughts on this:

MC LARS “Ballin’ on that Mintcoin” Release

Mc Lars has released a song all about Mintcoin! You can check out a video and transcript of the song here:

I’d like to give a shout out to Dallas5 and say thank you for his contribution to this!

Mintcoin Partnership with CoinTelegraph

The Mintcoin Fund has partnered with!  They have some really cool info on their site, so make sure you pay them a visit!

Mintcoin NPO Submission

David has submitted NPO documentation for Mintcoin to the French government. If this is approved, we will be the first cryptocurenncy with this status!

Community Feedback

Earlier this month, we asked members of the community what their favorite thing that has happened with Mintcoin in the past month. We heard some great things from you guys! Here is what everyone had to say:

“I personally love that the Linux Mint team started accepting donations in the form of Mintcoins. Definitely something to raise awareness of the coin and add to the family of unaffiliated, yet similarly named, products and services. (Mintcoin, Mintpal, Linux Mint)” – Scribblesocks

“My favorite thing that happened this month is the same thing that happened last month…and that is, I minted more coins then I ever have before! No surprise…saving all my mints and buying a little more each month. All I can say is Mintcoin is working out exactly as planned, it is a great passive income generator and extremely fast. Next month it will be more of the same, as Mintcoin get’s better and better the longer you hold it.” – YesManNoSir

“My favorite thing that happened so far this month with Mintcoin is that my Mintcoins began paying interest and minting more coins.” – MasterKey2

“My favourite thing that happened was that in just one month I got involved with Mintcoin & minted my first coins! I went from using a faucet and researching what the coin was about, to buying some coins, and just a few days ago getting my first minted coins! Amazing community, amazing coin, and the potential for more minting next month!” -AutocraticHilarity

“My favorite Mint-related thing over the last month was watching the minting process happen on the millions that I acquired at these insane-low prices. This coin is seriously undervalued.” – ruddsd01

“My favorite thing that has happened in the past month is that the developer seems to becoming more and more active in the community. I don’t think anyone expects constant innovations, but the developers checking in with the community goes a long way to ease concerns and build community trust in this coin for the long term. Since we all know this is a technologically sound coins, it’s nice to see more attention being paid to the community surrounding it which should only continue to draw in more investors.” – brudda

“My favourite thing is that I found Mintcoin! Have been doing research over the last few hours, downloaded the wallet, and am looking at ways to get involved!” – Cryptomonium

“My favorite thing: 15 successful mints this month :)” – Cptnshiy

“I’m happy being part of this community. I just collected an awesome bounty for helping out the the social media design assets. I truly believe in mintcoin and excited to work on future mintcoin projects. We NOW accept mintcoin for font licensing!” – Max, Xerographer Fonts

“Mintcoin is one of a handful of select coins included with’s merchant and Point-of-Sale terminal services as well as that exchange’s storefront. Mintcoin continues to shine as a viable Alt coin and the highest percentage staking coin among these.



That’s all for this Mintcoin newsletter! Look out for another one next month!

Best wishes,



Mintcoin Bounty: Upgrade Wallet for Manage Transactions by Address Functionality

The send coins page would include an iframe for the page as well as the Page in efforts of increasing merchant awareness & donations towards Mintcoin Fund Projects where bounties and charitable campaign mintcoin addresses will be featured

The send coins page would include an iframe for the page as well as the Page in efforts of increasing merchant awareness & donations towards Mintcoin Fund Projects where bounties and charitable campaign mintcoin addresses will be featured


Mintcoin Homepage will have the option to view address balances as well as include an iframe for and links to social profiles online in efforts of keeping the community connected and active.

Mintcoin Developer Releases Social Assets to the Community

Mintcoin Press Release: For Immediate Distribution

As of Friday, July 18th 2014 the Mintcoin Developer (MintcoinTeam) has contacted me and delivered all Mintcoin Community assets and is stepping back from his position.

Completed Transitions: With the assistance of the Developer the community now has full ownership of Facebook, MintcoinTalk, Reddit and Bitcoin Ann. We are also hosting and

Pending Transitions: The developer is waiting for twitter’s customer service to respond to him so we may gain the twitter handle’s password.

Where is the Pre-Mine? The pre-mine has not existed for some time.

What’s Next?

Reliable Hosting Solution
I would like to reach out to the community and offer free hosting for block explorers, forums, bounty sites or any other core Mintcoin oriented site to assist in the reliability of the communities communication points.

I would like to personally thank him for all his time and effort in both developing a magnificent coin with a dependable, slick and easy to use wallet, amazing community and of course the Mintcoin Fund.

Real Open Conversations
The community has spoken on several occasions that the moderating of the communication platforms has been swayed to influence the beliefs of a single person rather than the community as a whole. With these changes I will be working with the community to determine what is and is not acceptable behavior for moderation and set clear open standards of decisions made.

Business Development
I am currently in the process of having Mintcoin trademarked under the Mintcoin Fund Organization. In addition I am seeking an escrow service to partner with for all of our future Fund raising efforts for the Mintcoin Fund.

Accounting System
As many of our communities are well aware I am a firm believer in an open book system. I believe this is especially pertinent when an organization is 100% community driven. This practice ensures investors and team members alike that their hard work and dedication is being used as intended.

Technical Development
As the pre-mine does not exist I will continue putting out bounties through donation collections and overseeing projects needed to assist Mintcoin’s growth and adaptation.

Developers Pool:
Over the last few month’s I have been coordinating with the community to recruit and grow our developer’s pool. We have some extremely talented individuals who have been donating there time to help Mintcoin grow in the past who will now be receiving bounties for their work as well as credit for their portfolio’s and unique donation addresses allowing the community to continue showing appreciation for their hard work. If you are interested in joining this pool please pm me with your expertise so I know when to call upon you for assistance.

About Me:

My name is Jessica Hartman (CryptoMommy),

My educational background includes business development, growth, management and financing as well as psychology.

In addition I have over 16 years of experience in website coding, networking, problem solving, informational architect, project management, search engine optimization, social development and am certified in paid search.

I typically can be reach Monday –Friday 6:30am – 4:00pm Standard Central Time via gmail: [email protected], twitter: @cryptomommy, Linkedin: the Bitcoin Ann and of course our IRC Channel #Mintcoin

Final Thoughts….

We have the community. We have the coin. I invite each and every one of you to contact me and let me know how you feel we can take this coin to the next level.



MC LARS – Ballin’ on that Mintcoin Promotional Launch!


Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, the future never looked so bright
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, crypto currency done right!

In the new economy there’s a plethora of options
For whether you’re investing online or just shoppin’
You want to green alternative to power draining miners?
Listen Mintcoin has arrived, and nothing could be finer
With Pure Proof-of-Stake, a 20 day waiting period
The financial payout is awesome, believe me homeboy I am serious!

With 20% by 2015, 15% by 16
10% by 2017, then 5% plus transaction fees
With a 30 second target algorithm you’ll be set
With a 70 billion cap, the awesomest crypto skrill yet
A two minute transaction speed, i.e. dude it’s hella fast
It’s safe and very secure 50 stake confirmations at last
With 1% owned the team, invented by those with good morals
A greener transaction NGO sure to help global warming quarrels
So what are you waiting for my man, Satoshi laid it all out
You want to go hard on that online money, let me mitigate doubt


Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, the future never looked so bright
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, crypto currency done right!


Do you want to leave a legacy of possibilities?
Or mine all the power from the planet?
Do you want to change the world for the better one day?
Inefficient thinking? Time to ban it!
Do you want to open up future opportunities
For online trading and more
My friend said, “Lars, I want to be on board”
Go to, find out more!


Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, the future never looked so bright
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin (Mintcoin, Mintcoin, Mintcoin)
Ballin’ on that Mintcoin, crypto currency done right!

Learn More about MC Lars

Mintcoin News Update – Mintcoin Bounties Galore!

Lets play a game shall we? 

Everyone post your favorite thing that has happened this month with Mintcoin & I will create a press release and include your mint address set to be published at and posted across the entire www.

I will even donate a random amount of Mint to each entry.

Just to make things fun – I will even throw some marketing dollars at every submitters Mintcoin address

Once I receive 10 Mintcoin News entries the entire community wins