Sponsor a Keepod Kid

Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign Launches!

Sponsor a Keepod Kid

Sponsor a Keepod Kid Campaign

It is with great honor to announce the partnership of Keepod, Bitcoin, Mintcoin, XCurrency, Viacoin and W2Coin in joint efforts hosted by Mintcoin Fund to raise $5275 which will be used to bring computer access to 500 students while educating the public on what crypto currency is and how it is used.

Keepod.org (recently featured on BBC News) offers a technology which allows people to have their own personal computer settings stored in a small device which they can take and use anywhere in the world there is a computer with internet access.

With this program we will not only be sponsoring the keepod devices, but we will sponsor volunteers to refurbish and donate older computers, community training for continual support with the device, optimization of all computers to ensure a pleasant experience and online safety for the children.

Our goal is to sponsor 500 kids!

The cost to sponsor one child is just $10.55

Learn More & Donate Now!

How it Works:

By joining community efforts in this campaign Mintcoin will have the opportunity to work with other developers sharing the common  goal of increasing the awareness of crypto currencies and how they are used for thousands of people who have never heard of crypto currency before.

Each crypto community has selected a donation address for their team and is being supplied with marketing materials to assist in their communities promotion of the campaign. At the end of each week they will be responsible for changing donations into Bitcoin and submitting their communities donations to the Mintcoin Fund Moolah Storefront.

Once we receive each communities donations we will be issuing a press release announcing donations and contributions to the campaign. 

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in donating articles, press releases or social assets to this cause please join our team here.  All communities welcome to participate!

Let’s Talk about New York’s Bit License for a Minute

I have had several people reach out to me in the New York Bit Licenses proposal discussing the importance of addressing this and vocalizing our concerns on the subject matter so here I go.

One of my first courses in computer science was an introductory to the history of the internet.

One of the things that made the internet such a success is the governments decision to allow the internet to grow with minimal regulations on taxation while they had an opportunity to sit back and watch the internet take on its own life and develop into what it is today.

Sure in the beginning there were many “shady” happenings online but our community adapted. We implemented spam control, safe internet training materials, anti-virus, security measurements and worked together as a community to grow the internet to what it is today.

Now here we are as history repeats itself with another new technology called crypto currency and New York legislation is trying to implement regulations that will most definitely hinder New York’s participation in our growing community.

I believe it is the entire crypto communities duty to stand up and voice our concerns as one singular voice against this throughout social networks.

We need our voices to be heard loud and clear on this matter.

So I ask you. My fellow community members to make sure to interact, like, share and discuss the Bit license proposal at every given opportunity. Write, post. whatever you can do.


Interested in Learning More?


MintCoin Logo Contest! Win 1,000,000 Mintcoins

Greetings & Salutations my fellow Minters!

I am pleased to announce the official MintCoin Logo contest.

We are currently seeking a high resolution logo for our marketing and branding efforts. We would like to maintain the same color scheme as the old logo; however a slightly updated version.

Contest Rules

  • This logo is for Mintcoin.cc
  • All Contestants must email their entries to [email protected] no later than 10/01/2014
    • Make sure to include your mintcoin address
  • Voting for the best logo will be conducted from 10/01/2014 – 11/01/2014
  • Voting will be conducted via a third party survey partner
  • Winning Logo designer must provide high resolution logos and font specifications upon being notified of winning
  • Once the files have been handed over to the community you will receive your reward
    • Runner up contestants will receive 1,000 MintCoins for entering!


Mintcoin Press Release August 23rd

Greetings & Salutations my fellow Minters!

This week has been a big one for our team. Lets take a look at what the Mintcoin Development team has been working on:

MintShops.com Launch

We are pleased to officially announce of Mintshops.com

Our team is currently working through all online resources related to Mintcoin and adding them to our new directory Mintshops.com

A special thanks to David Rabsch @itguy1 for donating the domain name to the community. 

MintShops! Mintcoin Merchant Directory



New Mintcoin Contest!

A special thanks to Martin Roy (Facebook Mintcoin community moderator) for hosting our newest Mintcoin Contest.

Make sure to stop in and get your FREE MINTCOINS for joining the conversation on Mintcoin


Coin Forums Launch



6 Month Mintcoin Milestones & Scheduling

The development team has worked together to create a Road-map leading Mintcoin into it’s first birthday. We have some big plans ahead and can’t wait to share more with you.


Interested in Joining our Development Team?

The MintCoin development team is coming along nicely as we work together at completing the tasks requested from the community. If you are interested in becoming a member of our development team please email [email protected] and let us know what type of projects you are interested in as well as a little bit about yourself, and Mintcoin address.


A Final Note….

Thank you everyone for your support. We look forward to next weeks update!





Keepod.org Campaign Team Members Needed!

Keepod.org Crypto Charity Campaign

Mintcoin is currently looking for a few crypto communities to work together to fund a Keepod.org project which will recycle old computers and bring internet access to 500 children who would not otherwise have these opportunities.

We believe that this initiative will help us bring positive attention to crypto currencies in general while contributing to something that will change these children’s lives. The total amount needed for donations will be $5,275.

We have chosen to open communications to PinkCoin, Viacoin and XCurrency communities for a partnership in this campaign.

If the communities agree we would like to work with you on the following initiatives (all of which are co-branded with contributing communities)

Keepod will assist our efforts by promoting our marketing materials across their channels as well as updating their website with our short donation message.

At the end of the campaign we will need to transfer all of the funds into a paypal payment.

The planned implementation date is February of 2015 (which happens to be Mintcoin’s Birthday)

We will be kicking off the campaign September 1st 2014

If your community is interested in participating please let me know as soon as possible so we can include you in the new Trello Project for this campaign.

The objective is to combine our developers, marketers and communities to ensure we meet these goals while educating the general public on crypto currency.

Campaign Objective:

This project will give children the opportunity to use a computer, providing them with basic computer skills and, by the time they became 12 years of age, learn about being safe while on the internet and to use it as a fun and effective tool. To reach these goals, enough computers for all children were required and for this a system was needed that would achieve with little maintenance. Learn More

This includes:

  • 500 Keepod Devices
  • 20 Keepod Ready Computers
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Internet
  • Train the trainers
  • Community involvement

6 Month Mintcoin Milestones & Scheduling

The following 6 month development schedule is open for community discussion.



  • Android Application Launch
  • Keepod Campaign Kickoff
  • Google Adwords Campaign
  • Learning Center Documentation
  • Website Overhaul
  • Desktop Wallet Upgrade
    • Increase wallet speed
    • Integrate QR Codes
    • Google Drive Backup
  • Mint for Cash Announcement
  • MintShops.com Launch
  • Community Owned Mintcoin Explorer Launch
  • Mintcoin Fund Official Non-Profit Registration Announcement


  • Paid Advertising
  • Competitions
  • Development Recruiting Campaign
  • Mintcoin Guardians Formation
    • Development funding / Talent recruiting
  • Mintcoin Faucet Campaign
  • Desktop Wallet Upgrade
    • Wallet Restore Enhancements
    • Safe Backup Enhancement
  • Mintcard Launch


  • 30 Days of Thanks Campaign
  • Desktop Wallet Upgrade
  • Android Desktop Wallet Upgrade
    • PoS Alternative
    • Performance Enhancements
  • Development Recruiting Campaign
  • Minting pays high dividends for saving campaign
  • Holiday Mintcard Campaign


  • Give the Gift of Minting Campaign
  • Mintcoin Wallet Theme Launch
  • Holiday Mintcard Campaign


  • Mintcoin Annual Performance Review
    • Financial
    • Development
    • Marketing
    • SWOT Analysis
    • 2015 Planning


  • Happy Birthday Mintcoin Campaign
  • Keepod Project Completion

Mintcoin Press Release: August 13th 2014

MintcoinOfficial.com Revisions

Our team has come together to put together a revised homepage and site navigation for MintcoinOfficial.com. Featured in this update we have converted the backend template with an upgraded more accessible version and decreased the amount of noise on the homepage. We have taken this opportunity to feature a few core changes within the community takeover of Mintcoin including transparency, community supported development and our learning center which is dedicated to education of Mintcoin and crypto currencies alike.

Website Homepage Update


Bitcoin Talk Announcement Revisions

The Bitcoin Talk announcement page has been completely revised with up to date information regarding Mintcoin. We have also included a few new features in hopes of gaining additional network support including a client configuration sample, and instructions on how to create a dedicated node for Mintcoin.

Bitcoin Talk Announcement Update

Google Adwords Campaign

Our Google Adwords has kicked off with an initial budget of $10 per day. We are targeting publications which feature news regarding Bitcoin and are promoting Mintcoin as an alternative. If you would like to support this initiative please consider sending Mintcoins to MgBfpAdp9TLrYbXCJDHvskJoWqGNbvSZ4S


We are gearing up to launch MintShops.com Stay tuned for the official Mintcoin Merchant directory.

Android Wallet

This is still on-target for a soft launch of August 18th. If you are interested in beta-testing please contact [email protected]

Mint: MdPQhsGufjm5AXYkHebbnF2A155xDqVfK7

Desktop Wallet Upgrade

Finally we are gearing up to launch our new desktop wallet. The initiatives of this upgrade was to increase the usage of coin control features, keep our community up to date with upcoming and current project and integrate business expense collection, mintcoin fund projects & merchant support into the wallet.

Mint: MgNKk73sP6q2XgT3beU7WV9SKppVGTGa2w

Mint: MdPQhsGufjm5AXYkHebbnF2A155xDqVfK7

The Overview Page:
Now features a list of most recent news releases as well as current projects our team is working on.

Mintcoin News & Development Updates

Send Coins Feature:
The send coins feature now includes a From drop-down displaying your addresses and balances for each address. This will assist new wallet users in keeping their address balances separate and should encourage the overall use of coin control features.

Easy to Use From Address with Balance

Receive Coins:

This tab has been updated with a balance for each address

Address Balances Listed

Shop / Donate :

This is a new tab which features Mintcoin community project donation options as well as featuring Mintcoin Merchants through our new MintShops.com (coming soon)

Future Upgrades:

We are working on a valid wallet signature, increasing the speed of opening your wallet and significantly increasing the initial download of the blockchain. If you are interested in downloading the blockchain for a new install Crestington from Bitcoin Talk has offered a download option here: https://mega.co.nz/#!8x8zwZgS!TSg2kis3nLWx12_SsDFnbjQA-zDoOfhdkC09i3ks12g

What would you like to see worked on next?


How to setup a dedicated Mintcoin node

What are Mintcoin nodes?

Mintcoin consists of a Peer 2 Peer network, where each client downloads portions of the blockchain from other nodes. If you have some spare bandwidth, setting up a dedicated node running 7/24 would speed up initial blockchain sync time of new users, promoting a healthy network for the whole community.

How Do I Create a Dedicated Mintcoin Node?

The easiest is to use an Ubuntu distribution, although any unix or a windows would do.

A dedicated node would consume around 300mb of RAM and some CPU. A VPS (such as digitalocean.com’s 5$/month plans) would be sufficient.


1. Set up an Ubuntu VPS.

If you’re in doubt, you can choose Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for this tutorial. If you don’t use Ubuntu, you will have to compile mintcoin manually.

If you’re using Digital Ocean’s minimum priced plan, the 512mb ram would be risky. Create an additional swap file of 512mb using the following tutorial: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-on-ubuntu-12-04 (In the tutorial use “count=512k” instead of “count=256k” for a 512mb swap file)

2. Install mintcoind from repositories:

root@ubuntu-vps:~# add-apt-repository ppa:keremhd/mintcoin-unofficial
root@ubuntu-vps:~# apt-get update
root@ubuntu-vps:~# apt-get install mintcoind

3. Create a user to run the wallet with.

You don’t have to provide a password (If not using a password, you can always connect to your server as root and use step#3 to switch to the new account)

root@ubuntu-vps:~# adduser wallet

4. Switch to wallet user:

root@ubuntu-vps:~# su wallet
wallet@ubuntu-vps:/root# cd

5. Create Mintcoin directory and config file.

Use a password consisting of random letters, you will never have to remember it again.

Max connections is the maximum number of simultaneous connections your node would serve if required. If you have CPU or bandwidth issues, you can use a lower number.

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mkdir .MintCoin
wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# echo “rpcuser=bitcoinrpc” >> .MintCoin/MintCoin.conf
wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# echo “rpcpassword=XXXXXX” >> .MintCoin/MintCoin.conf
wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# echo “maxconnections=512” >> .MintCoin/MintCoin.conf

6. Run the daemon:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind -daemon

7. It will take a while to sync, watch the block count :

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind getinfo
“blocks” : 625598,
“connections” : 114,

8. If you want to see list of connected nodes, you can use getpeerinfo command:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind getpeerinfo

9. If you want to stop the daemon, you can use stop command:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind stop

That’s it!

Checking node’s health

You should connect to your server once in a while to see if everything’s ok.

1. Connect to your server as root (Or connect as wallet user if you gave it a password)

2. Switch to wallet user:

root@ubuntu-vps:~# su wallet
wallet@ubuntu-vps:/root# cd

3. Check if node is running:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# ps x
5369 ? Ds 0:14 mintcoind -daemon

4. Check node health:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind getinfo

5. Check connected peers:

wallet@ubuntu-vps:~# mintcoind getpeerinfo

The community appreciates your commitment!

Mintcoin Facts

What is PoS?
PoS: Proof of Stake.

What is the line Stake in wallet?
It is for the PoS blocks. Once a PoS block generated, some of your coins plus the generated interests will be moved to “stake”, it is like “immature” for PoW. It will take 50 confirmations to mature, after mature the coins plus interests will be added back to your balance.

What does that mean in the wallet : Minting suspended due to locked wallet?
This says you can not do mining due to wallet encrypted.
you need to unlock the wallet in order to mine (for example for PoS blocks):
mintcoin-qt -server
mintcoind walletpassphrase <passphrase> <unlock_duration_in_seconds> true
still unclear? read this post

Do I have to let my wallet open to get PoS coins?
PoS will be generated after at least 20 days holding of the coins in your wallet. You don’t need to keep the wallet open all the time. The coin-days accumulated in your wallet will not be lost. The next time when you open the wallet client, the internal miner will start automatically and if the coin holding period meet certain requirements the pos blocks will be generated based on the coin-days in your wallet.

How often do I have to open the wallet in order to get PoS coins?
See above. You don’t need to open wallet all the time, your coin-days accumulated in the wallet will not be lost.

Why I can’t sync?
Use addnode in the conf file. The addnode list and sample conf file are posted above.
If you use Windows, the Mintcoin config dir is usually at c:/users/*yourcomputername*/AppData/Roaming/MintCoin, in which you should see your wallet.dat and peers.dat files. If the mintcoin.conf file is not there, create it using the above example (you don’t need to include all the addnode lines, include some will be ok). Restart your client, you should be in sync within a few minutes.

You said 20% interest per year, do I have to wait 1 year to get the PoS interest?
No. PoS blocks will be generated after you hold some coins in your wallet for certain period of time. For MintCoin the minimum requirement is 20 days. If you move around the coins (for example send to other wallet and then send back), the time will reset for those moved.

The PoS generated coins, are they eligible for new PoS block generations?
Yes. After maturity (50 confirmations), the coins will move from “Stake” to “Balance”. Once the PoS generated coins in “balance”, they will be the same as all other coins, and are eligible for future PoS generations.

What will be generated total PoW coin number and what will be generated PoS coin number?
After 5 weeks PoW mining, there will be 20 billion PoW coins generation. Afterwards there will be some small number of PoW coins continue to be generated (at 1 coin/block). The PoS generation 1st year is 20%, 2nd year 15%, thrid year 10%, and subsequent years will be 5%. If maximum PoS generated (meaning all coins mined held), then after about 20 years there will be about total 70 billion coins generated in total (for both PoW and PoS), which is the max money allowed. In normal situation where there are coins transferred around, the time max money will be reached will be 30-40 years or more.

When I transfer some of the coins from my MINT wallet, are they the newest coins or does it disrupt the proof of stake process of my older coins?
Any “moved” coins the pos time (coin-day) will be reset for them. It will not affect other “unmoved” coins in the wallet. The PoS will be generated if there are some coins in the wallet satisfying minimum requirements, and the amount generated will be based on the coin-day the total eligible coins have in your wallet.

What is Coin control?
When you send MintCoins to someone else, the MintCoin client chooses kinda randomly which of your addresses will send the coins. With coin control you can exactly choose, which of your addresses will be the sending addresses. And even more specific which of your unspent outputs will be the sending inputs. This allows you to spend the MintCoins with the lower coin age, and so earn more coins by optimizing your minting.
More info here

Client Configuration Sample

Ports: 12788 (connection) and 12789 (RPC)
Launch your wallet, then open the %APPDATA% folder
in the mintcoin folder, create a file called MintCoin.conf (it is case sensitive under Linux and Mac)
For a longer explanation, read this post

Then re-launch your wallet