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    On 2/26/2014 I purchased and transferred Mintcoin from Cryptsy to my Mintcoin wallet and everything was fine. Since then I have mined coins on two separate occasions. However, last week I downloaded the new wallet at the time 1.14 and re-downloaded the entire black chain. It looked like everything was going along fine (did take 3 full nights to download). However, it just got finished and all of my mintcoin have moved to stake. I then downloaded the newest wallet, 1.15 and it still shows all mintcoin in stake and none are spendable. The weird thing is that in transactions, it shows the correct number of mintcoins transferred from Cryptsy on 2/26/2014, but in received coins, it shows an amount of 0. I tried checkwallet and repairwallet and I get “wallet check passed” : true”. Also, I just noticed that the total number of minted coins plus the transferred coins from Cryptsy do not add up to the amount of mintcoin that are in stake…it is less Just wondering what I need to do, or if the issue will resolve itself as it just finished downloading the blockchain. Any help would be appreciated.



    Hi Jay,

    Everything sounds like it is working as it should. Just give it some time to sync up and finish staking and your newly minted mintcoins will appear in your wallet.

    Happy Minting!

Viewing 2 posts – 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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